HD Polarized by Never Hide

HD Polarized by Never Hide


While regular polarized lenses are susceptible to scratches by even the thinnest of materials such as paper, Never Hide’s HD Polarized Lens is scratch resistant against all sorts of surfaces.

To prove this, we conducted a hard coat test with a 500g steel wool with both a regular polarized lens and an HD Polarized Lens. The lens was mechanically rubbed across the surface of the coarse steel wool, but as the results show, only the regular lens was damaged with scratches, the HD Polarized Lens remained unscathed

Normal PC Lens

Never Hide HD Polarized


Never Hide’s highly refined HD Polarized Lens cannot be broken,Our researchers conducted this steel ball impact resistance test on a Never Hide HD Polarized lens. A ball made of pure steel was launched at a high velocity against one of our lenses, the result? There isn’t even a scratch on it, the ball simply bounces off while the lens stays intact.

The HD Polarized Lens is made of incredibly strong nylon, designed to help you keep up with your active lifestyle. It is perfectly suitable for even the most contact-heavy sports and the most rugged terrains

Normal PC Lens

Never Hide HD Polarized

Never Hide HD Polarized lenses offer superior impact resistance, durability, true colour viewing, and an extremely high polarizing efficiency. This is due to the technologically advanced manufacturing process and large capital investments made to create this revolutionary line of products. 

NEVER HIDE offer 2 type of HD Polarized lenses

  1. HD Nylon Polarized Lenses
    Made of super light low specific gravity nylon completely suitable for sports sunglasses, the HD Polarized lens is highly adaptable for fast-paced activities like football, biking, basketball, and tennis. The high ABBE value can further enhance sporting performance by providing crystal clear clarity with maximum sharpness.

To achieve maximum eye protection, the polarized coating is equipped with excellent filtering properties, blocking up to 100 percent (400nm) of harmful UVA and UVB rays without distorting colours, boasting an excellent polarizing efficiency.

  1. HD Polycarbonate Lens
    The polycarbonate lens is our lightweight alternative, particularly with our 1.5 mm and 2.0mm thermoformed lenses. Coated with extremely hard compounds to form a solid structure within the lenses, they are unbreakable and highly scratch-resistant, making them highly suitable for any form of activity, including watersports, where the polycarbonate lens will not succumb to scratches from sand nor erosion from saltwater.

Lens impact strength is very important when choosing sunglasses, particular if the sunglass will be worn for sporting activities. The mechanical properties inherent in polycarbonate coupled with our laminated polarizing film make our thermoformed products ideally suited for all active sports sun wear applications. 

Never Hide HD Polarized lens are made up of 9 ultra-thin layers, an integrated system of coating layers densely packed using ion-assisted deposition results in a lens surface.

  1. Hydrophobic Coat – Repels moisture and grease. Water will disperse without streaking. Smudges from fingerprints are wiped clean easily.
  2. Flash Mirror Coat – The benefit of these coat is to reduce the    reflected light which enters your eyes when you wear your favorite shades.
  3. Hard Coat – Cleaned by ion bombardment for excellent adhesion and durability.
  4. Ultraviolet Filter – Excellent filtering properties blocking 100% of harmful UVA and UVB up to UV400nm and does not distort color.
  5. HD Polycarbonate – Made of superlight low specific gravity material which is suitable for high performance sports. The high clarity lens from the high ABBE value helps to provide functionality in sports sunglasses.
  6. Polarized Film – Filter off 99.9% glare of horizontal surfaces like    water and snow which causes eye fatigue.
  7. Anti Reflective Coat – The residual reflex color that reduces reflectance of glare. The result is sharper vision, particularly in high glare conditions like driving.

International Recognition 

Never Hide HD Polarized lenses are internationally certified in:
The United States – ANSI Z80.3 2018, by the Nonprescription Sunglass and Fashion Eyewear Requirements , American National Standard (ANS) 

Europe – EN ISO 12312-1:2013, by the European Standard for Eye and Face Protection. 

Australia and New Zealand – 1067.1/2016, by the Australian / New Zealand Standard for Eye and Face Protection, Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacle.

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